ZenCortex (Cortexi) Review. Does it really work?

Dr. Steven S. Galen

Published on RefineChoice.com  at 25 Mar 2024

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ZenCortex Review: ZenCortex is the new upgrade from the previous product "Cortexi". ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) is a hearing health supplement marketed to improve overall auditory function and specifically target tinnitus, a condition causing ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears

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ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) Review

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 ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) is a dietary supplement marketed to support hearing health and improve tinnitus. It contains a blend of 20 natural ingredients, including green tea and maca root extract.

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Green tea, Maca root, Grapeseed extract, Gymnema Sylvestre, capsicum, Panax ginseng, astragalus, chromium picolinate.

Main Benefits 

  • Improved Hearing.
  • Tinnitus Relief.
  • Enhanced Memory and Mental Focus.


100% Plant-based, Clinically proven Ingredients, Overall Health Boost, US-made.


Only through the official website 



Only Available on Official Website, and Limited Stocks.


$69 per bottle ($49 per bottle in 6 bottles packages)

Money-Back Guarantee

60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Official Website

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2 Free eBook Included on 3/6 Bottles Package.


Free US Shipping on All Packages.

What is ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi)?

Everyone aspires to keep their hearing intact. Some people have trouble because they have sustained an ear injury, while others have damage that has developed over time. Some people may believe they are powerless, yet they couldn't be more mistaken. The ZenCortex (Cortexi) recipe provides the perfect option for those seeking hearing assistance.

Although there isn't much information on ZenCortex (Cortexi) on the internet, the thousands of users who have improved their hearing have had success. With its abundance of natural substances, the composition provides the finest possible support for hearing health.

How ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) Works

The exact mechanism of action for ZenCortex (Cortexi) is not entirely clear based on available information. Promotional materials often suggest that ZenCortex (Cortexi):

  • Targets the Brain: The concept is that hearing issues can sometimes stem from problems within the brain's processing of auditory signals. ZenCortex (Cortexi) claims to address this by promoting a "brain reboot" of sorts, but the specifics of this process remain unclear.
  • Provides Essential Nutrients: The blend of ingredients in ZenCortex (Cortexi) is said to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs that contribute to overall hearing health. However, the direct link between these ingredients and improved hearing needs more scientific exploration.

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What is Inside ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi)

ZenCortex (Cortexi) is formulated with a blend of 20 natural ingredients, including:

  • Green tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants. research on animals and in vitro has shown how green tea's polyphenols protect against hearing loss.

  • Maca Root

Well-known for its biannual growth, maca root has a number of physiological benefits, including the ability to regulate the immune system and exhibit antioxidant activity. It gives you energy for the entire day.

  • Grapeseed:

Because grapeseed has so many antioxidants, it is utilized to promote health. They aid in reducing inflammation, which is a primary cause of hearing difficulties for a lot of people. Grape seed helps prevent blood vessel damage and lessen inflammatory disorders.

  • Gymnema Sylvestre:

Gymnema Sylvestre provides inhibitory effect against TPA-induced inflammatory ear edema and cancer in mice, which is why it is frequently included in hearing support supplements.

  • Capsicum Annuum:

Antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, including vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavonoids, are found in capsicum annum.

  • Panax Ginseng:

Ginseng Panax Experimental studies have demonstrated that Astragalus propinquus, Panax ginseng, and Ginkgo biloba improve hearing thresholds and reduce tinnitus symptoms in people with sensorineural hearing loss.

  • Astragalus:

Astragalus, used in traditional oriental medicine as a principle of increasing bodily fluids, is a relevant approach for reducing the development of hearing loss by improving microcirculation in the blood-labyrinth barrier and increasing cochlear blood flow.

  • Chromium Picolinate:

The complete range of effects of chromium picolinate on the body is still being investigated. According to recent research, it might aid in lowering blood sugar levels.

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What is Benefits of Using  ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi)?

Understanding a supplement's health benefits will help you evaluate its efficacy. These are the primary benefits provided by the ZenCortex (Cortexi).

  • Improves the clarity of your hearing process:

Enhancing the clarity of your hearing process is one of the most important advantages of using ZenCortex (Cortexi). The components can help you hear sounds clearly. For instance, astragalus and other substances have been shown to help with hearing sharpening.

  • Sharpens your cognitive skills: 

Once you begin taking the drops on a daily basis, your cognitive abilities will improve. The majority of the supplement's constituents have neuroprotective qualities. Your mental sharpness will increase as a result, and your cognitive abilities will improve.

  • Resolves any issues with tinnitus:

A disorder called tinnitus is brought on by injury to the inner ear's nerves. It may result in a ringing feeling in the ears. You can get the characteristics to cure this ailment from the formula. Better hearing and long-lasting relief from tinnitus will result from this.

  • Aids in memory development:

One supplement that can accomplish two goals at once is called ZenCortex (Cortexi). It might strengthen your memory in addition to enhancing hearing. This is due to the fact that memory contributes to improved hearing clarity. Ingredients that have been shown to be effective in preventing age-related memory loss include Panax Ginseng.

  • Ensures auditory health:

Your auditory wellness is the main priority of the ZenCortex (Cortexi). It can enhance your hearing by combining the components' antioxidant qualities. Ingredients in ZenCortex (Cortexi), such green tea, capsicum annuum, chromium picolinate, etc., have been shown to improve auditory health and lessen ear irritation.

Pros and Cons of ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi)

  • Pros:
  • 100% plant-based natural health support supplement.
  • Free from GMOs, stimulants, and allergens.
  • ZenCortex (Cortexi) is in easy-to-use liquid form backed by science.
  • Free US Shipping.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free bonuses, Special discounts.
  • Cons:
  • Available to purchase only via the official website.
  • Packaging is convenient but not travel-friendly.
  • Might have limited international shipping.
  • Outcome varies from person to another.

ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) Customer Reviews and Complaints

Customer reviews are largely positives as most report a positives experience. Other peoples still have concerns about potential side effects, although this is less common with natural supplements.

Positive feedback highlights improvements in hearing and mental health, attributing these benefits to the supplement’s ingredients, which include antioxidants and herbs known for their health-supporting properties.

However, there are also warnings about possible side effects. Some customers have reported adverse reactions, urging others to be cautious and thoroughly research the product before trying it.

Expert opinions suggest that while ZenCortex (Cortexi) contains ingredients that could potentially aid in hearing support and cognitive function, it’s essential for consumers to consult healthcare professionals before starting any new supplement, especially if they have pre-existing health conditions or are taking other medications.

Overall, the reviews suggest that while some users have found ZenCortex (Cortexi) helpful, but it is also crucial to approach such supplements with an informed perspective.

ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) Pricing Per Packages

ZenCortes pricing varies depending on the product package. The price breakdown as of the time of this review is shown below. There has been ongoing discount across the packages, and these rates reflect a reduction across the board.

  • Package One: 30 days’ supply (One bottle), $69 + Free shipping.
  • Package Two: 90 days’ supply with Free two eBooks, $59 each = $177 in total+ Free shipping
  • Package Three: 180 days’ supply with two free eBooks, $49 each = $294 in total + Free Shipping

Also, ZenCortex (Cortexi) offers two helpful free bonuses for bundle packages. These two E-books can help to enhance the results. Here are the details regarding the bonuses: 

Bonus #1: The Ultimate Tea Remedies

As the name suggests the E-book is all about herbal tea recipes. The book details different tea recipes that can help to cleanse and protect the body.

Bonus #2: Powerful Ways To Sharpen Your Memory

This instant download E-book features different ways and techniques to successfully sharp and boost your memory levels.

How to Take ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) for Effective Results?

As previously stated, the ZenCortex (Cortexi) formula is in liquid form, with each bottle containing 60 ml of solution. It is recommended that you place one full dropper of the supplement under your tongue before breakfast or dissolve it in water. Make sure not to overdose, as ZenCortex (Cortexi) drops can cause major health problems. 

Every person makes progress at a different pace based on their current state of health when they start using ZenCortex (Cortexi). For the most part, consumers start to see their initial changes by the end of the first week. However, consumers who want lasting changes must take the formula for at least three months.

Is ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) safe to use:

ZenCortex (Cortexi) is considered a safe supplement because it contains all-natural ingredients and is stimulant-free. Each bottle has also been manufactured in the United States, specifically in an FDA-registered cGMP facility under strict and sterile conditions. That said, the creators do not recommend this solution to pregnant and nursing mothers. People with pre-existing medical conditions may want to consult a health practitioner before starting.

ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) Refund Policy:

ZenCortex (Cortexi) is protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If none of the advertised benefits materialize within the first 60 days of using it, contact customer support for a full purchase price refund. It is unclear whether this applies to all bottles or just the unused ones. To get started, contact the team via email at support@zencortexhq.com.

ZenCortex (Previously Cortexi) Review Final Verdict:

ZenCortex (Cortexi) is a dual-purpose dietary supplement that helps people with mild hearing loss while tapping into brain power. Upon digging further into the formula, we are assuming that this supplement works to lower inflammation, which in turn might ease hearing loss. From this angle of attack, a lot of the listed ingredients do contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are even a handful that either increase bodily fluids that cross the blood-labyrinth barrier and positively influence the inner ear or ease symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss and cochlear by clearing the body of toxins. The brain-focused ingredients have been established to some extent, which is reassuring. Some of the ingredients do more for brain function than they do for hearing. However, one could argue that the brain and auditory nerve are connected, so improvements in one may imply a direct improvement.

The proprietary blend is not as concentrated either, so each ingredient could be only available in small quantities. Another unexpected factor is pricing. It is unclear why a single bottle would cost so much. To learn more about ZenCortex, visit the official website today!


There are many Fake Websites claiming to represent the official vendor.

 Beware of these ones and the product they sell, it may do more harm than good.

So make sure you are visiting the official site before making any purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions ➜

Who is ZenCortex suitable for?

ZenCortex is suitable for adults over 18 struggling with poor cognition and hearing. That said, this supplement is unlikely to do wonders for people with severe brain and hearing dysfunction. The goal is to help those mildly affected by these conditions, as they are believed to have a higher chance of reversing the effects.

Is it okay to exceed the recommended serving size for ZenCortex?

The creators strongly advise against exceeding the recommended serving size.

How long will each ZenCortex bottle last?

Each ZenCortex bottle has been manufactured to last 30 days.

What is the estimated arrival time for ZenCortex shipments?

The estimated arrival time for ZenCortex shipments is between 5 and 7 business days in the contiguous United States. For international orders, it could easily take upwards of 14 business days.

What if the user doesn’t get the results that they’d hoped for?

The creators offer a money-back guarantee that covers the first 60 days after the purchase. If the user isn’t happy with the results, they can get a full refund of their order without consequences. To reach the customer service team, call 1-877-908-5398 or email support@zencortexhg.com

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